Best oil paints

My personal rating of professional art oil paints:

  • Master class
  • Sennelier
  • Shminke mussini

Now I mainly use the Master Class and Pebeo, although the latter did not suit me in terms of pigmentation and consistency, they are too oily, like melted butter .. I like it more tightly. Also in my collection of colors are Ladoga (a cheaper brand of St. Petersburg) and Maimeri (Italy). Of the professional paints in Russia, the Master Class is the most affordable at the price, the quality of paints is on top. The shades are live, the paint in the tube is greasy, uniform, does not leak. Sometimes when buying paints you can find tubes with leaks, but I just do not take them. I prefer to take tubes of medium and large volume, so as not to worry that the desired color will end at the most inopportune moment.

The master class has especially expensive pigments, for a tube you can give up to 600 rubles, but most of the common colors cost 4-5$. To draw, in fact, not so many colors are required, you can get by with the basic ones, just mixing paints will take a little longer. It is better to buy light shades and bright ones, because mixing bright orange is not easy. I take three or four blue, several yellow, at least two red, brown and more white – zinc and titanium. That’s all my basic set. I began to purchase rare pigments – silver, gold, fuchsia and the like. But in works I rarely use them. Most of all I like to take several colors and mix a palette from them. So the picture comes out more harmonious and stylish, in my opinion.

What colors do you use? Who are the favorites?

If you need to paint my palette by color, write, do not be shy.

Bye Bye.

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