My first exhibition of paintings (oil)

Hi, here you can see all my oil paintings. This is approximately the period from 2016 to March 2017. Welcome to my virtual art exhibition. It’s nice that we live in the era of the Internet, now to organize an exhibition you don’t even need to go anywhere. But collecting all your work is absolutely necessary. At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to inspect paintings and varnish those that have already dried (the oil dries up to 6 months or longer).

The first exhibition was a success. There were some people willing to purchase my work. It’s nice! But I haven’t sold my paintings yet, I don’t even know why. It’s a pity somehow. We’ll definitely talk about the sale of our artwork in a separate post, this is a big and interesting topic. I’d like to add one thing to the exhibition – you’ll look at everything that you’ve done, and immediately want to buy canvas and draw! It’s good that I have already accumulated a decent supply of consumables, on the road, friends.

See you.

Please write which picture you liked the most and why.

Bye Bye.

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