Inktober – draw every day!

I found on the net an interesting challenge for artists, which was invented by dude Jake Parker from America. Search the Internet for the keyword #INKTOBER. The name of the challenge consists of the words ink – this is ink, tober – probably from October. The meaning of the event is that every day for a month, artists draw black and white ink in a drawing (I think that black pen will also work, the same Rotring isograph or rapidograph) and upload it with certain tags to their instagram. Well, there’s a competition, some nominations and so on.

I thought, and I have been going on my own Intactober for more than a month now, every day I draw a drawing by Rotring isograph (my favorite, black ink) and publish under the tags #ShtukensiaDrawings And now, with the opening of my art site, I will publish all the work here: 9)

Video about InkTober (in russian):

Yesterday, I also hung on Behance, drove an isograph rotring in the search, and stuck to line art, sketches and various artworks, made mainly in the lineart style. I don’t know why, but I fell in love with this genre of art. Something reminds me of the comics of Herluf Bidstrup, have you seen these? A miracle!

Have you ever participated in inctober? Where to find your work?

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