Probably, any Russian person will not hesitate to name the main attributes of the New Year’s table – tangerines, champagne and Olivier salad. If I decided to draw our new year, then after the New Year’s teddy bear, with whom you are already familiar from the last post, it’s worth filling our New Year’s expectation with tangerines! Bon appetit, friends. Well, admit, have you already bought a bag of orange happiness? The lineart for this illustration was quite simple, although already in the pencil I outlined the light and shadows and some details. What a blessing to draw in copies, this is simply incredible bliss. The colors are bright, no need to wash the brush, bother with mixing colors. I don’t know if I can return to watercolor or acrylic soon. Although I am still very much attracted by my new pastel pencils, so far my whole heart asks me to draw with copies. I noticed that in the process of drawing I have a feeling that everything is not going as if the colors did not mix or the gradients are not too successful. But by some magic, the result has already exceeded all my expectations. This is how the lineart looked like New Year’s tangerines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruOmVjT7Hfk

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