Shine Christmas tree!

We have a Christmas tree! Usually we decorate a Christmas tree in the morning in a hurry, trying to catch Olivier’s salad with one left, and finish everything with the other with our right in the past year. When we started shooting videos on YouTube, we set up a Christmas tree a couple of times a month before the New Year to shoot videos in the holiday setup. This year everything turned out even better, the picture creates a New Year’s mood better than a real tree, and what is especially nice – this Christmas tree is with us forever, it will not crumble and it will not need to be disassembled. This does not mean that we will not dress up our favorite – artificial Christmas tree. We’ll just clean up our creative mess, find a good place and go!

For many years we have been decorating an artificial Christmas tree, it is beautiful and very convenient. In my childhood, we had a real live spruce a couple of times, and even then we had a dog that loved to climb this spruce with its paws. From dog shaking, the spruce was losing not only needles, but also balls that were breaking on the floor and flying around my room. And our dog loved to swarm in a bucket of earth, from which a tree grew, proudly lined with cotton wool. Lineart under the Christmas tree painted isographs of 1.0 and 0.5. Started with parts and toys, and at the end I added branches and needles. Although this does not seem logical, but believe me, the drawing is more lively. After all, it is unlikely that it will be possible to harmoniously enter toys on the finished tree. You need to think in advance where to place large volumes (usually closer to the bottom), and where smaller ones. I entered the lights in the course of drawing branches.

In my New Year’s collection of illustrations, the Christmas tree is simply necessary, otherwise where will Santa Claus put gifts ?! A teddy bear in a festive mantle is ready to feast with olive salad, sausages and tangerines. What else do we lack for complete happiness?

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