Drew Putin and Navalny

I decided to draw two interesting people from the world of politics. This was not an easy task, because I had never met any of them live. Our President Putin was the first, I myself was surprised how sweetly I got it. On the second day I sat down to draw the second citizen – Navalny, and here an ambush awaited me. Firstly, it didn’t take half a page, but more, I think because I started to draw it from my left eyebrow. Secondly, it didn’t work out for me in any way – either DiCaprio or Igroglaz came out. I don’t know why, but the final result did not inspire me either, although I spent quite a lot of time on it. Well, what can you do, not always everything turns out the way you want, even if you try very hard. Putin turned out to have understandable forms and volumes for the image, a few strokes can convey a recognizable essence. With Navalny it was more difficult for me, his face is more rounded and the shape is not so easy to catch; lips are puffy, as a result of two wrong touches and he turns into a sugary actor. Perhaps the fact is that these two faces are difficult to combine on one page 🙂 But I will try to do it again sometime next time. For line art I used Pentel Brushpen and rotring drawing ink. I designed large forms by cross-hatching, I used the full fill only on my hair and clothes. She trained in a new way to draw eye volumes, first created a common subton, and then painted an eyeball, taking into account the perspective distortion. I especially liked how Putin’s eyes turned out due to the curvature of ellipses. I squinted my eyes a little, especially the left one (the right one is still nothing), since I removed the fillet and wave on the upper eyelid with a careless stroke, it turned out to be thicker and smoother than I wanted to do. In the lips in this figure, I first had a breakthrough when I first created a recognizable shape of Putin’s upper lip without an outline, only due to the shadows. I originally planned to execute the second lips (of Navalny) in the same technique, but in the process of drawing I added too many extra details to the upper lip, trying to convey its volume, so I had to finish the outline, but not solid, but with layering. In the shadows, I managed to make Navalny’s nose well, although the shape is not correct, but I really liked the shadows and hatching. Next time, I should pay attention to the attenuation of the thickness of the lines when decorating clothes – Putin’s shirt and tie look good only in the middle part, and you need to narrow them around the edges of the line, otherwise the shirt does not merge with the body, but hangs as if separately. I still have a lot to learn, I want to train hatching more, because when drawing with a brush my hand sometimes trembles and the stroke goes uneven, by the way, that’s how I smeared Navalny’s left eye. It is worth paying attention to the arrangement of the elements of the face, nose and lips literally set the tone for the portrait! With my eyes and ears, everything is working out more or less well. I also want to practice emotions, and I want to draw a person who will all wink at us or show us the language. I continue to draw every day, let’s see what I’ll draw tomorrow. Bye Bye!

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