Portrait by video

I watched today a large video conversation of Parfyonov with journalists, he talked a lot about YouTube and journalism, music and cinema. I remember his lively facial expressions, round eyes, smacking and emotionality. I didn’t think of doing his portrait on purpose, but when I sat down to paint (because I paint every day), I somehow managed to draw something that Zhbon solved at first sight as a “portrait of Parfyonov”. I was surprised, because I just painted at random, without any purpose, I painted what is drawn. And then she looked and gasped: “Well, of course, this is Parfyonov!”, I see him directly and even hear him in this picture! And I thought that intuitive drawing of what interests you, it turns out some very accurate. When people ask whether it is possible to draw a portrait from a photograph, or from a memory from my head, I always think that “why not”, if you are confident in your abilities and want to make a portrait from a photo, then why not decide it is this artistic task. You will examine a flat image of a three-dimensional object (person) and create your own interpretation of the results of this study. It’s clear that if you saw how a person moves and says how he manifests himself, how he answers questions, how he laughs and gets angry, then your portrait would be deeper. This is what happened to me this time. If I suddenly decided to take a portrait of Parfenon, I would start with a glass of wine, show his suit, professionalism, smart look … But it would all be corny and past, because there are many people who drink wine on video and with smart look are intimate conversations on YouTube. But Parfyonov has very obvious features and ways of manifesting himself in the world, which are not always easy to explain with words – fleeting bulging eyes, wide movements of the lips, assertive teeth bared, lifting and tightening of the nose. It sounds rather vague, but in the picture somewhere from my subconscious mind it was he who was born – a passionate, energetic and a little sad Parfyonov.

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