Essential Skin Colors for COPIC Markers

I have almost all the necessary colors in the Copic Sketch 72A set of markers, but if you want to put together the perfect palette, then you should buy a few more markers of white skin color (in my case), that is, light earthy shades. I studied swatch and drawings all evening, and for myself I chose the following shades:
  • E00 (a typical light beige shade for a light skin color, goes a little pink), because in my set there are already E15 and E33, then together we get an excellent group for rendering the skin. With this choice, we will compile a complete set of Earth, covering all tone preferences.
  • E50 (light flesh, slightly lighter and more beige than E00), can be used independently, or for illumination. It makes no sense to choose a tone even brighter, since on white paper it will be difficult to see the difference. But if you want an even lighter shade for the collection, I would stop at the YR30 (this is a very lighter shade for almost white skin).
  • You should definitely take the midtones that are not in the Copic Sketch 72A set — these are E04 (warm light brown with a wine tint), E70 (neutral light beige), R00 (very light pink, often used for blush on light skin) , V000 (warm light violet with a noticeable pinkness) and V91 (a tone close to E70, but more violet).
This is a necessary minimum for comfortable skin painting, I took myself even more missing shades, but they are not so necessary. Here are all the shades I bought for my Copic Sketch 72A set:
  • E07, E04, E70, E11, E21, E00, E50, E41, E000
  • G0000
  • BG60, BG13, BG0000
  • FYG1
  • YR30
  • YG21
  • R00
  • FRV1
  • V05, V20,V91,V000, V0000
  • BV02, BV0000
I hope you can easily find all the shades you need. See you soon!

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