The miraculous effect of my painting

This is my first painting in my house, we hung it on the wall yesterday during a big cleaning. I was shocked at how great the picture fit into our wooden interior. And today something amazing happened. Of course, I don’t believe in different mysticism, I just want to tell how my painting influenced me. The influence was very positive and completely unexpected!
In the morning I started a new big cleaning, washed the floors everywhere, rearranged things. When I was a little tired, one look at the picture enlivened me, it seemed to me that the picture was very beautiful, it was just perfect! And the reality around is as if not worthy of such an amazing picture. This hedgehog should live in the cleanest apartment. He is such a sweetheart, looks at me from his cozy little world, and I want to make his surroundings just as cozy and joyful. I thought that young parents probably have a similar feeling in relation to their children – they seem to them to be ideal creations of nature (well, this is ideal if they have a parental instinct awakened) and for them they want to organize this imperfect world into a lovely picture of reality . So my picture, like my baby, hangs on the wall and looks at me with the black eyes of a happy hedgehog, for whom I just want to clean everything around.

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