My favorite paintings by artists

Yesterday, on the Internet, I found reproductions of paintings from the Hermitage of an extremely large size, so that you could examine the texture of the canvas and the application of paints. Of the many, many works of art, I was particularly impressed by several paintings. I leave them here.

Pablo Picasso – Absinthe Lover (1901)

Vasily Kandinsky – Winter Landscape (1909)

Vincent van Gogh – Landscape with a House and a Plowman (1889)

Paul Gauguin – The Month of Mary (1899)

Paul Gauguin – Tahitian Pastorals (1895)

Pierre Auguste Renoir – Girl with a Fan (1881)

Let it be the first part. To be continued. We will talk about especially favorite artists in the video. Like for example here (about Van Gogh in Russian):

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