How to make artist statement

Each artist sooner or later sits down to draw up his artistic statement if he is serious about his work, because it is the author’s statement that gives viewers an idea of ​​the artist’s thoughts about his work. Sometimes an artist statement means a description of his work, sometimes the term is interpreted more broadly as a verbal description of his style, a creative credo. As an example of the latter, one can cite Leonardo da Vinci’s Treatise on Painting or Kandinsky’s Point and Line on the Plane. In his statement, the artist can also describe his creative path, what inspires him and what he aspires to. How to write artist statement As an example, I check my English text here: Usually, writing your art statement begins with goals – why and for whom do you write this text? In most cases, the goal is to enter an art institute abroad, receive a grant, participate in a program or competition for artists. Another motive is much less common – to understand for yourself who you are and what you do, a kind of self-reflection. If you are preparing an art statement in a particular institution, then you need to know the requirements and format. If the format is free, then you can follow my example and include the following sections:
  • About me (one or two paragraphs about who you are, your name, where you were born, how you call yourself; what is the idea of ​​your work; in fact, this section is a summary of the entire document where you show your key features as artist);
  • What inspires me? (Which cultures, authors, currents influenced you and how, in what objects do you find inspiration);
  • How do I understand art? (What does the concept of “art” mean to you, why do you do your work, what is the essence of your work);
  • Education (Where did you study – school / institute, awards, participation in competitions); Workflow (How do you approach the creation of your work, how do you prepare, what is your creative process);
  • My studio (where you create work, you are an employee / student / independent artist, where you can see your works).

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