Drew Zhirinovsky

Politician and showman Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky is a bright and extraordinary figure of our reality. After Putin and Navalny, whom I painted the last time, Zhirinovsky was interested in trying to portray at the time of his heated discussion. I just wanted to work on emotions, and Zhirinovsky has a very emotionally mobile face. In this portrait, for the first time in such a detailed way I drew the teeth of the lower and upper row, it was also interesting to fit the tongue between the teeth. I liked the resulting shape and volume around the mouth. In general, the portrait was a success for me from the point of view of my task, the emotion was conveyed, the face was drawn in detail, but without surplus. There wasn’t enough strength for clothes, and the hand fell out of the general mood in general, although the set finger was a good addition to the emotion. Hands are not my thing at all, I will continue to practice in this direction. But the faces are working out better for me, even behind the glasses I managed to quite accurately convey the eyelids and the volume of the eyeballs. The proportions also turned out to be interesting, I narrowed the top of my face to put my mouth and chin forward, so the emotion seems even stronger.
Curious fact, the portrait became recognizable only after I painted my lips; eyes and nose do not give an idea of ​​who is depicted. In this work, I could not guess the image along the upper part of the face, and as soon as I outlined my lips, everything fell into place immediately. Until I finished the chin, Zhirinovsky in the figure looked very young, I even doubted whether I had correctly portrayed all the shapes, but as soon as I added the chin, age returned to normal, the boy turned out to be a man in his prime. Is our age determines the chin so much? Somehow, it took me to politics from the theme of New Year’s illustrations, maybe it’s worthwhile to return to our Christmas trees and tangerines. Which picture do you want to see next time?

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