Rhododendron guy

Send me new water brushes with containers today: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cXAnnwwc (by the link you can see what it is about). The so-called aquarelle brush pen. Pour water inside and paint with watercolors, you can even without a jar of water, but I still used extra water to clean the brush from dark shades when I switched from green to red and back. The brush itself is very comfortable, large, fits well in the hand. My Bianyo set had three brushes with different tip sizes. I drew the whole picture in one, seemingly average. Gradually, I noticed that the tip of the brush sometimes behaves the same as the tip of the Pentel brushpen, in which the ink runs out. If the brush is not sufficiently moistened, then the triple stitch effect appears, which I really liked, with the help of it you can make excellent shading at the joints of forms. You can see these multi-line arms and torso. The overall impression of the water brushes remained extremely positive. As for the drawing itself, it came out successful in color, I trained to portray hands and brushes, which turned out much better than before. The rotary side of the face came out blurry, and the front side in the shadows I like, but the emotion came out a bit not what I wanted. The body looks clad with armor, although according to the idea the character was naked, but due to overtightening and excessive glare, he would have to sit in a steel vest. But if you evaluate the overall picture, then I really liked the clothes and the color and shape. Hands in size are not distorted specifically, but because I am still learning to follow the human anatomy. If you do not find fault with the details, then the body came out realistic. Flowers in the legs – light rhododendrons – this was a separate challenge. For their detailing, I used brushpen with black mascara, because for a very fine work the water brush still did not fit. I tried to mix colors directly on paper in a new way without a preliminary palette, this sometimes turned out bad places (the inside of the sleeve), and sometimes it turned out to be cool (hair and face). And I became less afraid of white empty space on paper. If before, I wanted to paint it over with something, make a background, draw everything. This time I managed to make friends with the paper and even find something soothing in its whiteness. See you soon!

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