Window to Europe in “impressionism” style

View on the square (Wageningen Centre, 2017)
Those who watch my videos on YouTube know how much I love Holland after I spent an impressive time there, I strongly connect my life with many typical dutch (typical Dutch). When I once again returned from Holland to Russia, from the small scientific city of Wageningen to the metropolis of Moscow, I began to miss my favorite central Wageningen square, markets, music and atmosphere. According to Dutch individualism and goodwill. In my sense of calm. I decided to make a real window to Europe, more precisely to Holland, through which I can at any moment feel like a resident of the beautiful and cozy city of Wageningen. When there are severe Russian frosts outside the window, for me this opportunity becomes especially relevant. I love Russia, I love my city – Moscow. And especially I love my native places in the spring, summer and autumn. But winter is far from my favorite season, during this period I want to look at my window more often! Through the window you can see everything that I especially love – typically Dutch houses, an empty square after the end of the market, a bicycle, a column with drinking water, a fountain and a sculpture of a long-time local resident, a small cafe with a bar, a mighty tree, in the shadow of which we often rested. Large format picture, 90×70 cm, made with oil paints on canvas. Shutters are another of my old dreams, I always wanted to live in a house with white wooden shutters. From the window comes the smell of greens and cheese from a nearby shop. Children are laughing in an ice cream parlor on the ground floor. And from the next room, the voices of students resting after a busy school day are heard. I want to sit at the window at least all day, but I have to go. See you!

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