How to paint expressionism style abstractions

I decided to try abstract art, initially I thought to make a couple of strokes and add a few drops, but when I got into the black hole of my subconscious, it turned out that the chosen colors no longer gave the chance of work to be easy. Red, black, fuchsia and white. These are aggressive shades, struggle in all its glory. Gradually, I was seized with the desire to take paints with my hands, scrape off the lower layers, exposing the tinted canvas, play on the canvas like a piano, pounce and fight the frightening unknown. My first large painting in expressive style, made by acrylic on canvas from descor fabric. In this post I will share my observations on the abstract expressionism technique. You can be inspired by how Pollock or Karel Appel created the paintings, but in the end you find your rhythm and method. What is abstract expressionism (not to be confused with impressionism)? This is a way of creating works of art, based on the expression of their feelings and emotions using color and form. Paints are laid freely without trying to depict a specific object, serve as a conductor of perception on their own. You convey your thought with the help of a color association, which contains movement, chance, and intention. At the time of the creation of such a picture, the artist falls into a state similar to trance, I like to call it “artistic nirvana”, you simply act according to the plan you know in advance, which you can only show in the form of a finished picture. There is no doubt, no mistakes, no fear, because your body dances with paints on canvas the most important battle in your life, a battle with yourself. You cannot lose, you can only reach the end, where you will find great surprise. How are such pictures obtained? Of course, after the invention of the roadmap by one artist, it seems that anyone can take a bucket of paint and splash it on canvas. What’s so special? When you repeat actions technologically, but don’t feel anything, you are just a machine, a printer that creates copies that are loaded into it from the outside. An artist cannot copy another artist without entering his prints into the work, this is unnatural for a creative person. 

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