Where to get inspiration for creativity?

Drawing, poetry, any kind of creativity is an intellectual process based on emotions. Sometimes it may seem that the inspiration has been exhausted, the muse is not visiting you, there are no ideas, everything is fresh and boring. Usually at such moments the artist suffers mentally, as he feels barren. Yesterday you created work at work, but today you are convinced that you cannot do even the simplest act of creativity. Where does inspiration disappear and how to return it? Firstly, at such moments, I say to myself, “yes, something, I have no creative urge.” And just shrugging it’s worth it to be normal. Sometimes you need to rest even from your favorite business. Secondly, knowing that creativity is emotions, you should think about where you can get new emotions. For someone, it will be reading a new book, watching a movie or series; someone should take a walk around the city or see friends; someone will be inspired by travel or shopping. Just give yourself a dose of new experiences! Recently, mountains have inspired me the most! During my life in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi and climbing Rosa Peak by cable car, I gained impressions, which, I think, will be enough for a year or more. So far this is the first drawing inspired by my journey. But I need time for processing, I noticed a curious thing that I process information rather slowly. So I feel that a certain segment of my life has been fully processed by my consciousness after 3 years, and the echoes of the impressions of the past last for almost decades.

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