Pentel brush pen

I like to draw sketches, for this I use different graphic materials. My favorites for today are the isograph, pencil, felt-tip pen, pen and brush Pen. I met brashpen recently, today I can not imagine my artwork without this brush pen.


From the name it is already clear that this is a composite graphic material, which is a pen with an ink cartridge, in which the tip is made in the form of a synthetic brush. Ink is fed directly from the cartridge to the brush, which bends and can draw lines of different thicknesses – from the thinnest to very thick.

Brushpen provides a very wide range of opportunities for artists. It can essentially replace a marker with a wide tip, a marker with a narrow tip, an isograph 0.5 and a pencil with a pen. With the pentel brush pen I couldn’t just draw thin lines like isograph 0.10 and the pen for sketching pigma micron 005.

The Pentel brush pen was made in Japan, and the design was invented in Germany – you can understand that such a tool will be durable. This pen has been working for many artists for decades, it can be filled with ink using disposable cartridges, and it is also possible to refill cartridges with a syringe.

It is best to buy disposable cartridges, as the manufacturer of the pentel brush pen advises, but if you want to save money, you can buy a large ink can for the artist (I buy rotring drawing Ink), and fill the ink in the used disposable cartridge with a syringe. How to do this I will show in one of my videos on the channel

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