My first oil painting

In 2016, I dared to start painting (I do not like to say “write”) oil. I took a few tubes of used oil paint, a pair of brushes, a cardboard box measuring 18×24 cm (gesso board, primed cardboard), a palette knife … and decided “be what happens.”

I love flowers, but in my house, except for artificial flowers, I almost never have any. In pots, you need to keep track of what I am reluctant to do, and cut off dear ones and dry quickly (for my part) + they feel sorry for the little bear. So I decided to draw myself the perfect flowers that I don’t need to follow and which will only get better after drying. And here is what I got:

It took about 20 minutes to the picture, but it seemed to me that eternity had passed – this is the beauty of drawing, you can fly into the world of fantasies, meditate, stretch the time continuum. And as they usually say that “fools are lucky”, this is straight to the point. Now I look at my first picture, and I like it almost more than the rest.

Courage and originality is inherent in people without experience, there is no fear of making a mistake, there is no pressure of book knowledge and high expectations. You just play with colors, this way and that. You do not expect to get a masterpiece: 9) You are just curious how the colors go, what sensations come from the brushes and the palette knife.

I envy those who have never tried to paint with oil. When you try any business for the first time, it is unforgettable. Do not be afraid that you will not succeed! In the work, “did not work out” – this is when you did nothing. I am so glad that I began to paint with oil, now it has become one of my favorite activities.

P.S. Having carefully watched my videos on YouTube, I realized that this picture was one of the first, but not the very first. And the very first one is this one:

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