COPICs arrived! Copic Sketch 72a set

Recently, I ordered my first COPICs on Ebay, and the courier called us yesterday, and in the evening this package already lay at home:

At first I thought it was clothes or a tripod with aliexpress, but when I got this chest out of the bag, I immediately recognized the copies, although they are not visible at all through the little bubble. The package is packed perfectly! I endure and do not open to make a video unpacking and the first impression of the Copic sketch markers 72A set on my art channel. Most likely I’ll shoot this video today.

Surprisingly, they delivered us COPIC markers from Japan in less than a week. It was super fast delivery to the apartment. Link to Ebay, where I ordered copies (a set of 72 markers) at the lowest price: :9) I already bought several colors individually, the price for one copy is the best here (free delivery to Moscow!): As soon as we made the order, I began to prepare a place to store my art materials:

I used a wooden stand from Ikea, from which I took out drawers and put them under the monitors. I just wanted to raise the monitors a bit, because they stood low, and these drawers became an excellent stand:

So far, I have put everything that I draw into the marker stand – these are isographs, brushpen, pens, several markers, felt-tip pens and text selectors. I store colored pencils in a separate home-made box, about which I will tell you somehow separately. Simple pencils fit into a stand on the side of the monitor.

I’ll probably save a box of copies, suddenly I will need to transport them. But for daily use, it’s convenient to have a stand or stand on the desktop with a large number of compartments to lay out the markers in colors. I wonder if all 72 copic markers fit into my coasters, do you think? :9)

PS: I could not wait half a day, and recorded an unpack video!

COPIC sketch markers turned out to be bright, a little larger in size than stationery markers, the tip-brush is incomparable! They can draw and thick lines and very thin. The tip bends, but not completely. It feels like a felt tip of the eyeliner, only a little tougher. Ink does not drip from it, as some people write, but it is wet, well saturated.

The Copic Sketch 72A set pleased me with its colors, there are many shades – there are my favorite colors (fuchsia, olive, crimson, mustard, Prussian blue). A lot of gray, yellow, purple, blue, green and orange.

I will test on plain and watercolor paper, until I bought special paper for markers. So far, I scribbled two green (yellow green yg03 and nile green g07) on the children’s drawing album (Chekhov Printing Plant, article C2), the paper there is thin and glossy. It turned out to mix colors, and even the marker did not leak much on the other side. I drove a COPIC sketch brush easily without pressure, the color is instantly reflected.

It will be interesting to color all my colors and adapt to drawing with COPICs, test their behavior on different paper. I even had the idea of putting a bag under a sheet of paper to protect the drawing from leaking, but now it seems to me that if you draw with a marker without pressing, then this will not be necessary.

There is a color wheel on the official Copic website, I did mark my colors on it (including additional shades that I ordered separately – in red; and refilers that are purchased for refueling in the future – pink):

See you in the next posts about COPICs and other art materials.

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