I draw a logo – from the idea to the final version

The logo is a rebus pattern reflecting the essence of the brand. Drawing a logo for me begins with sketches of the basic elements and features of the depicted idea. What is the trick? What are recognizable forms? For starters, I just draw associations, what I think about when I hear the brand name. What is your mood? Is this something serious or more fun?

Outlines give a general idea of ​​the future logo. This time I made a logo with no drafts at all, I simply took up the color digital markers and started drawing. It seemed to me that the logo should be similar to geometric graphics. I chose colors for complementarity, but sometimes I sharply changed to a new gamut, it would seem from a completely different opera. I wanted to make the logo warm, positive and strict. Without obvious correct lines, but with a hint of “normativity.”

Letters, alphabet, inclusion of one into another, different plans and color balance are the keywords for my design. The logo was intended for the author, who considers serious topics “on the fingers”, referring to different plans for perceiving reality. At the center is a man who maintains a balance between dynamic belief systems. There is no black and white, everything is a little color here. The balance is very shaky, but it is only in appearance. In fact, these subtle pillars hold entities on their shoulders since the inception of human cooperation.

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