Draw every day? And if there is no desire …

They say that you need to draw every day to maintain your skills. Ideally, this is so. But just as there is no ideal gas, so, probably, there is no ideal artist who will paint every day of his life. Although no, Van Gogh immediately comes to mind (or call yourself who), who in the last years of his life could not do without drawing and a day. And if you are not Van Gogh? Well, you are not 100% he, since each of us is unique, and there is no reason to be equal to someone other than yourself. Well, anyway. Is it worth it to force yourself to draw “through power” when there is neither desire nor inspiration? I periodically ask myself this question when my paint spark disappears. I also love the system, order and do everything wisely. I tried to follow the path “just draw something” when I don’t feel like drawing. And it turned out just some kind of image. I will not say that I was delighted or vice versa. Then I decided that I didn’t need to force myself to do what I already love to do, I just don’t want to do it some day. And I decided to draw only when my hands are itching. It is at these moments that the drawings go easily, there is an idea, a concept, materials fly in your hands, time flies unnoticed, and everything is super. Today I sat down to draw for the first time in a long time, I probably didn’t draw for a month or so. I didn’t want to do it at all – neither with oil, nor with pastel, nor with copies. I made a few line art during this period and a bit of pixel art, extremely fragmented. And today I sat down and made two small illustrations with markers:
The first strokes with the marker were awkward, I missed out with shades, but despite some awkwardness, I experienced an amazing thrill from painting, as if I were doing it the first time. I think that drawing every day is very cool, it helps to master techniques, gives a base, experience. For quite a long time I drew daily, and I was not bored at all. As time goes on, I think that taking breaks even in your favorite things is normal. Especially if you do not look at your business from the point of view of excellence, but do it for the love of art.

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