What is New Media Art?

In recent years, you can often hear about the so-called New Media art, let’s see what it is. New Media literally – new media – there is still such a translation as “media art”, all these terms combine such works of art that are created using new technological means (computers, tablets, the Internet, 3D, robots, etc.). In fact, any digital art, a picture made in Photoshop is already new media. But New Media Art includes much more than digital graphics, for example, a picture made by the robot painter cloud painter based on an analysis of databases of works of art won the “Robot Art” competition:
Painting by a robot artist, 2018 (from cloudpainter.com)
In order for the technology to create a picture to be considered new and fall into the category of “new media art”, today you need to use the technologies that appeared after about 1980, someone says the date is 1960, because at this time, began to use video technology in traditional art and performance. It is easy for our contemporaries, I think, to determine what is new and what is not, because the development of technology is proceeding rapidly, more and more new media are appearing right before our eyes. Artificial intelligence has not yet appeared, but its harbingers are robots that create art based on the study of images:
Robot artist paints a picture, 2018 (from cloudpainter.com)
For such robots, people do not specify the specific image that he needs to repeat, otherwise it would be just a printer. A few years ago, robotic artists could draw only the simplest things – dots and lines, could paint a picture by numbers. But today, machine learning algorithms enable the robot to fully create this word; it makes a huge number of artistic decisions based on what people consider “beautiful” and aesthetically pleasing, using the accumulated visual experience of many generations, including contemporary art. Graphics for computer games, pictures on a graphic tablet, ASCII art (images with computer symbols), cyber performance, glitch art and much, much more are now more and more actively developing due to the accessibility of a large number of people to the Internet and technologies, as well as educational materials on almost any topic . Of all the variety of new media art, I am most attracted to what has been done by modern robots, because the machine interpretation of human creativity is very curious. I think that artists of the future will create their work with robots!

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