The observation of the artist

Observation, 2017
One of my best paintings in terms of emotion, which I feel being close. It has everything I love. Observation is what you need to do when you are near any work of art, be it reflection in the mirror, a twig of blossoming sakura, bubbles on the water, or a picture. It is observation that makes the artist an artist, the ability to consider for a long time familiar and unusual things. The ability to notice what others pass by. I am convinced that good paintings are precisely those that inspire you to observe. The picture is made in oil on canvas 90×70 cm, the canvas is fixed on a wooden stretcher, the edges are finished. In this work, I paid much attention to the selection of colors, I needed precisely these shades in their thoughtful and gentle combination. The figures are made in an associative manner, at first they are not ready to let an observer into their universe, but gradually you notice how the opportunity is opened to divide this observation into three.

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