Temporary tattoo markers

Hi, I am igroglaz! Shtukensia and I love temporary tattoos. Usually we used all sorts of materials at hand – ink and eyeliner and so on cosmetic accessories. Well, of course, we also tried gel pens. The problem with all these tools is that they need to be washed off at night. Not because we want to remove them, but because all these tattoos will remain on the pillow and on the bedding – they last for 1 day.

Some time ago we bought a tube of henna .. We put it somewhere, lost it .. In short, we haven’t used it yet. If we find it – there will be a test .. But for now …

I got the idea to try tattooing with markers. The stump is clear, in the first place is the safety and health of the skin – you should not draw and fix the picture with the first marker you come across.

I started to google the Internet and it turned out that we can’t really buy normal markers for tattoos in Russia. Ahead of the entire planet in this area is the United States. And there a special commission conducts testing of similar products. So far, there are only two types of products that have been tested for safety:

    1. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers. They are also sold in a set of 8 pieces .. Available only on Amazon, in Russia you cannot buy.
    2. Sportsafe Semi-Permanent Markers. Used by athletes to write on the body, for example, a serial number, sponsors, etc. Accordingly, they have passed all the tests and are absolutely safe (well, how else – they are applied by athletes who earn millions of dollars).

Well, if you can’t buy this from us, there are still options … Namely, surgical markers. These are for sale here. They are very persistent and last for a long time (well, so as not to wear off during operations). In the USA, the following markers are used for tattoos:

  1. Viscot Medical Supply – Tattoo Skin Markers. According to reviews, they last about 10 times longer than other markers for temporary tattoos.
  2. Zxuezheng 3pcs Surgical Tip Markers Skin. Cheap counterpart. Temporary tattoos stay clear for 2 days, then start to fade.
  3. Well also you can find medical markers. In theory, they should not contain any nasty things.

Further there is permanent markers.

It is important to know that many markers contain toxic substances and should not be applied to the skin! But there are also normal markers, without any particularly harmful substances. However, they have not been tested for their effect on the skin, although they are used all over the world by fans of temporary tattoos .. They are allergic, but rarely; so be careful – apply a small stroke first to check if you will have an allergic reaction.

Which of the “unofficial” (untested) tattoo markers in the US are used:

  1. Professional Body Art Pens and Eyeliner – pro-markers for applying temporary tattoos. They are expensive ($ 40), they are not sold here in Russia.
  2. Toysmith Ink-a-Do Tattoo Pens – seemingly children’s markers, but many use them. Cheap ($ 8), we don’t. From jambs – quickly erased.
  3. Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen – for application to the body during sports events; incl. for swimming competitions – respectively hold up well.
  4. Take Your Mark Semi-Permanent Ink Skin Markers – the same as the previous ones.

And finally, the budget option: Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Ultra Fine Point Markers – these are legendary markers among tattoo artists. The manufacturer does not recommend using them for leather, but more than one generation of people using Sharpiki has grown up – they have been produced since 1964. They are sold in Russia! Please note that some types of sharps contain harmful substances – check the composition! For example, King Size Sharpie, Magnum Sharpie, and Touch-Up Sharpie contain xylene, an extremely harmful substance.

In general, any sharps are not meant to be painted on leather. Never use them near eyes, mouth, or other sensitive areas. At one’s own risk…

In Russia, unfortunately, we mainly sell Chinese markers that have not been tested by anyone in any way .. So I personally, perhaps, will try Sharpiki for allergies .. Well, I will order tested and certainly safe tools from the USA on the Internet …

Please write in the comments about the markers you use!

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