Pastel + COPICs! I draw in mixed media

We recently went to an art store for marker paper, I wanted to take Winsor & Newton, but on the spot it turned out that this paper is not, but there is another. I chose Canson (KansOn – emphasis on the last syllable, as this is a French brand). On the spot, we decided to try different materials (markers, pencils, pastels, etc.). I immediately liked the Faber-Castell PITT PASTEL pastel pencils ( ) – they are incredibly bright and pleasant to use. I wrapped circles around them around the store, and in the end we bought all the colors that were there. At home, I immediately wanted to try them out. But since I was also waiting for copies, then I decided to try to draw a picture right away with pastels and markers. Here’s what I got:

I was afraid to drive a lot with the marker brush over the pencil layer, because there is a chance of clogging the tip, because pastel pencils are very dusty. But sometimes I still mixed them, it turned out nice. What I understood after this work:

  • better to draw with markers first, and then add details and gradients with a pencil,
  • the pastel fits perfectly on top of the markers,
  • the marker lies well on the pastel, but it can go bad,
  • with a pencil it’s much easier to make small details and point transitions,
  • even the brightest pastel pencils are not as juicy as markers,
  • for pastel pencils, be sure to use a crush.

The pastel, in theory, needs to be fixed so that the result is stored for a long time, but I decided not to spray the picture with hairspray (especially since I don’t have it), but store it in a transparent file with a sheet of paper on top of the work. I worked on this painting for two days, since the first result was too straightforward, a day later I looked at the image with a new look and decided to work on the details with pencils, and the entire second part of the drawing was done exclusively with pastel. I got two oil-based pencils in my kit, and I liked them a lot less than pastel ones, because after Oil-based pencils there was a glossy shine, and on top of them the pastel ones no longer wanted to go to bed and stew.

In general, I was pleased with this experiment, I think that in the future I will do the full version with copies, and then if I want to add a little volume and details, colored pencils will go into the process. Write if you found this article helpful? What do you like to draw now?

See you soon.

Bye Bye.

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