Illustration of my kitchen

My kitchen
I decided to draw my favorite things that create coziness in the kitchen. I used cardboard as a canvas, which I cut out from the packaging box of the microphone. In acrylic paints for me there is a big advantage – they mix very beautifully and give saturated deep colors, dry quickly enough. Yesterday I painted this picture for two hours, breathed in acrylic. Paints do not smell much, but if you draw for a long time, then this specific smell of paint remains in the nose. The basis for the picture is drawn by isograph in ink rotring drawing ink. On glossy cardboard, this ink is washed out by water, so it was difficult to fill color blocks due to the constant erosion of the base and the darkening of the color with washed ink. Van Dijck paints themselves are apparently already very old, put in lumps, difficult to mix. I bought them in the Netherlands at the Emmaus second-hand goods store in Wageningen for 50 euro cents. So for the price they behave just fine! I like that acrylic overlaps the previous layers and the color of the paper, if applied tightly. Due to water, the paint sometimes spreads in shape, creating blots, in this sense you have to be very careful about the level of moisture in the tip of the brush. To illustrate, acrylic is probably the best choice after a copy. And the price is generally the best, because Copic markers are quite expensive, and the price for a new package of acrylic paints starts from 1000 rubles, and for this money you will get a sufficient number of shades in a decent amount. I will need to carefully study the perspective and how to display it in the picture. There is a perspective in this figure, but it is absolutely fantastic, far from realism. I tried to follow the laws of direct perspective with one vanishing point, but I have practically no experience in building it, so it turned out pretty fun. As the little bear said, I “discovered a new dimension.” Despite the fact that the laws of perspective are treacherously violated, I still like the resulting space, it is interesting and cozy. My favorite sweater, a cup with a cat, a crock-pot, tack with a cat and a bear, a picture with peppers on the wall .. all this is very dear to me! It is an amazingly pleasant feeling when you see in the picture what surrounds you, but all these objects look even more cute than they are in life. My kitchen in the picture is not a copy of the real kitchen. This kitchen is somewhat similar to it, but the shades, shapes and arrangement of objects differ from reality in the direction of an ideal idea of ​​the kitchen, which is already good, but in my fantasies there are more places and fewer things.

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