How I fell in love with acryl

In spring of 2018 year I first tried to paint with acrylic paints. It turned out that acrylic is super! Why? First, bright neon colors. Secondly, it dries quickly. Thirdly, diluted with water, the brush after drawing can be washed really easily and quickly under the water from under the tap, even without soap.

Acrylic paints are cheaper than oil paints. While drawing with acrylic paints, it do not smell. You can draw on any surface – on glass, wood, cardboard, canvas. Acrylic paints combine the feelings of watercolor (with strong dilution with water) and oil paints (if minimally diluted or even used paint from the tube).

Paints was bought in the secondhand store called Emmaus in Holland for 50 cents per tube and a set of 18 small tubes. In the same place, I bought brushes, and carved canvases from improvised cans from cardboard boxes, in which vegetables or milk packages are stored in the HEMA store. Here is what I call a ‘sustainable art’! able art!

Do you like acrylic paints? :9)

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