Drawing or illustration? What is the difference?

Sometimes confusion arises in terminology – what is called a drawing, what is a painting, what is an illustration or a sketch? The terminology is important for the artist, because completely different meanings are hidden under different concepts. Of course, each person can interpret this or that word in his own way. Let’s look at examples, I will show that for me there is something.

The most general concept that I use is an object. I include almost all types of artwork in it. The most common planar (applies to digital, as we see it on the screen) concept – the image.

When I say drawing, I mean a more or less holistic realistic image in a graphic style, for example, with a pencil or an isograph. It can be either a monochrome or a color image. Examples of my drawings:

If the drawing (or other type of work) is not completed, then it can be a sketch:

When I say illustration, I mean either specialized drawings for texts (such as comic books with a plot development) in any style, or images of individual illustrated objects or elements. An example of my illustrations:

When I say a picture, I mean a picturesque holistic image that occupies the entire canvas. Sample picture:

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