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The application for drawing on Android, in which you can not only create your own brushes, but also download a large number of ready-made brushes, is Infinite Painter. I already called this application one of the best for a digital artist, though I myself do not use it very often, since it is important for me to make a high-quality video recording of the drawing process (there is only 480p). Nevertheless, the brush engine in Infinite Painter is one of the most powerful, it has a lot of brush settings – blending, patterns, speed, shape of the tip and much more. If you want to use ready-made brush presets, then you can download hundreds and maybe thousands of brushes, lines, textures through the so-called community.

How to download brushes for Infinite Painter?

Turn on wifi on the tablet, go to the Infinite Painter application. You will see the main panel changing brushes, colors, brush mode right in front of you on top of the window. This is a small panel of 6 elements: brush, blending mode, eraser, resize brush, color and transparency. Click the first brush:

Our mind opens the panel with brushes. The left side panel allows you to create a new folder for brushes, go to your favorite brushes, view your created brushes, see downloaded brushes, or select a brush from predefined ones. Two icons in the upper right corner indicate:

  • Plus: additional features;
  • Sliders: adjust and modify the current brush.

We need to click the [+] plus sign in the upper right corner, additional functions will open: create a brush (+ Brush) and Community, where you can download brushes. The section is called the “Community”, since it is the people who are the users of the Infinite Painter program who created these brushes, this is essentially an open source public brush by the authors. You can also make your own brushes and publish them for everyone. I think that it is best to download brushes through the community within the application, I’m not on third-party sites and resources, as this will protect you from viruses and bugs and the application.

When you go to the “Community” to download brushes, you see all the available options for brushes with examples, as they draw, the name of the brush / name of the author. Sometimes the authors indicate the type of line in the name of the brushes, sometimes the purpose is why they created this brush, for example, a brush for drawing long hair or animal hair. I was able to see all the brushes in about an hour and chose the ones that I liked. When you liked a brush from the list, to download it you need to click on it once and wait until the brush changes its color a little. The brush you selected immediately downloads and becomes available in the general list of brushes in the application in the “Downloads” section.

I downloaded brushes for myself, and with this the application began to slow down, the choice of brushes also comes with lags. All brushes for download are not sorted in any way, there are no groups or types, there is no search for brushes. This makes it difficult to find the brushes you need, and it may turn out that creating your own brush is easier and faster than trying to find something in the community. However, the choice of brushes, of course, is huge. Some repeat each other, but some are truly unique and original. It takes time and effort to find your pearl among the brushes!

Where do you get new brushes? Which brush is your favorite?

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