Cup of coffee with pastry using markers and pastel

They say that you need to draw what you love. Probably the most I love … to eat! So food is my eternal object for observation and inspiration. I decided to draw a metamodern cup of coffee. Although I think that metamodernism is another fiction of art historians who also need to get grants for something, and the manifesto of metamodernism itself did not inspire me at all. And the truth is, what is the point of calling the mixture something separate word and claiming that this is a new stage in art. Well, someone doesn’t like postmodernism, well, someone misses Art Nouveau – who prevents creating today in the Art Nouveau style, or at least even in the style of the Renaissance.
As usual, I started with the lineart isograph (0.5). What exactly is metamodern, you ask? Well, at least in the fact that I have not been drinking coffee for several years and have not been drinking tea for more than a year. Although one of my favorite drinks on earth is coffee. I don’t drink coffee because it causes me tachycardia, or whatever the condition is called when my heart breaks from my chest and it seems like you are dying, a panic attack and all things. I also love potatoes … both as a vegetable and as a cake. My potato in the picture seems to be a cake, although if you examine it carefully, it may turn out to be a vegetable baked in the ashes of a fire. Russian folk stories in the style of Gorodets painting painted an everyday cup. Well, in the postmodern style, I will call this picture art. Why not? Well, really cool happened. I painted all the color with Copic markers (mostly earthy shades of E49, E29, E15, E37, E44, E15, E70, E21). White accents gives the Gelly Roll 08 Sakura Pen. On top of the original paint, I decided to add softness with the Faber Castell Pitt Pastel pastel pencils, shades 180, 182, 280, 194, 103, 184 and some others. I really liked the effect of pastel on COPICs, the pencils lay down easily and softly, deepen and enrich the colors. It is important to remember that pastel dusts, so you need to put a sheet of paper under the palm of your hand when drawing. I noticed that I really like to make forms deliberately imposing, as from the paintings of Salvador Dali. In this sense, I particularly succeeded in a saucer, which is very surrealistic in striving to flow beyond the boundaries of the picture.

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