Copic marker dried up one year after purchase

About a year ago, I bought a set of 72 Copic Sketch markers on Ebay. My happiness knew no bounds, and since I did not use markers very often, I thought that I could draw with them for a very long time. Moreover, in my collection there are many colors and shades, so each individual color should be preserved for a long time. I thought so. What is the result?

I took out a few markers, set up a video recording, and sat down comfortably. By the way, I always try to record the drawing process in order to upload the video to my Shtuky Art channel on YouTube. If you are interested in learning how to record such videos with the drawing process, write me a question in the comments. Without expecting any technical obstacles, I began to draw this handsome man:

At the time of drawing the boots, I was very surprised. One of the blue markers just dried up. It did not draw at all and there was practically no smell. Both tips were completely dry, and the pigment was only slightly distinguished by uneven spots. Since I was recording a video, I did not immediately understand what was the matter. I thought that it would be possible to then shake the marker so that it would work. I just put it aside and continued to draw.

The second marker that has dried up is the E09 Burnt Sienna. Third – YR04 Chrome Orange. Later on dried also E50, Y21 и E21.

Of all my markers, only one has become unusable. On the one hand, it pleases, since all the rest is still very good for drawing and making a good impression. On the other hand, I was very upset, because COPIC is positioned as a quality brand. I thought that by buying a set of markers for $ 230, I would be able to use them until they physically ran out of ink. I did not expect that in 5-10 times of use in very small volumes, the marker simply dries.

Spoiled marker has the number B34 Manganese Blue. Interestingly, the neighboring blue colors feel great, for example, the B32 marker, which I used the same time, is still very wet and full. None of the other markers ran out or dried out. For example, there were shades that I used a lot more than B34 — these were gray or many earthy shades. There is no problem with them too. What is the matter? What happened to this unfortunate marker?

I have two assumptions:

  • Maybe the marker was defective, a technological error was made in its design, which leads to large air exchange and drying of the marker. If this is the case, I don’t have any reason to refill it, because the ink will dry quickly again.
  • Perhaps this marker was almost empty when it was put in the package. In this case, it will be enough just to add ink. Since I do not have extra ink of this color and I rarely used it anyway, I can hardly verify the second theory in the near future.

What can I say as a conclusion? The year of use of the COPIC markers showed that the drawings made by these markers are very bright and juicy. I liked to draw with markers! It is very important to use special paper that does not absorb too much ink and does not leak moisture. I draw on Canson Marker Paper 70 g / m2. I am very pleased with this paper.

Drawing with markers was not so easy as it seemed to me initially, a habit and skill were required. Mixing colors with me also did not always work. If the shades are close to each other, then mixing is easy, but if the shades are very different, mixing them on plain paper is unrealistic. Clear borders and color transitions are visible. Perhaps there is some special paper on which it is easier to mix shades. I tried to draw with markers on cardboard, it is rather slippery when drawing, I thought that mixing shades would go easier. In fact, the result was almost the same.

I do not regret that I bought COPIC markers, it was a very interesting experience! I enjoy using markers today. When different colors start to run out, I think I will choose my favorite shades and buy ink cartridges. If illustrations with markers brought me noticeable income, then I would easily invest in ink and markers. Now for me it is more of a hobby, and I am also very addicted to drawing on a graphic tablet. It is not only not less fun, but also significantly cheaper.

Of course, even the most modern graphic tablets do not give the full feeling of drawing on paper with markers. Anyway, sometimes I want to draw in the traditional way. Moreover, the color of the drawings created with markers is unique. I have never been able to do the same digitally interesting drawings in terms of colors, shades and color transitions. Each instrument has its own time!

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