Best Krita brushes for lineart

I just love the digital drawing program Krita – there are a lot of brushes for lineart (drawing with lines, usually in black). I got my favorite brushes, without which it’s hard to imagine lineart. You can make your own brushes, but we’ll talk about this separately. For now, I’ll focus on the preinstalled brushes and the ones you can download from the internet. Top of my favorites are brushes:

  • Basic-2-opacity (the brush looks like a marker with an even line weight and different opacity with pressure on the stylus):
  • Ink chaos RZV (this is a fountain pen brush with smudges, gives a line of different thickness depending on the pressure on the stylus, you can get a sharp tip of the line, as well as very thin stripes with smooth transitions):
  • Ink pen (my paint) – brush thin fountain pen, which gives seals in the form of a point at the point of pressure, the line is almost uniform in width, the edge is rounded:
  • Ink-1 Precision (a liner brush, which is better to use at a size of up to 10px, because at large sizes the line becomes blurry):
  • Ink-2 fineliner (a liner brush with the same line thickness, which is equally good for line art at any size, an analogue of an isograph with a round tip):
  • Ink-3 Gpen (brush ink pen, gives a narrow tip at the beginning of the line and a round one at the end, the thickness depends on the pressure of the pen, at any size a clear line):
  • Ink-4 Pen Rough (pen brush with a ribbed edge, draws from thin to thick edge, easily transitions from a super-thin line to a very thick one):
  • Bristles-1 Details (a thin brush gives a layered line with a jagged edge, at small sizes it is great for the original lineart due to beveled edges when rotated):
  • Nylnook Ink Ball (Multidimensional ribbon brush when rotated, gives both a thin single line and creative forking when rotated with the stylus):
  • Nylnook Ink Detail(a brush with a beautiful smooth transition from a thin line to a thick one, the second tip is closer to a rounded one, you can do neat shading):
  • Nylnook Ink Dotted (a brush that at the beginning of drawing gives a smooth line and gradually turns into a line with an uneven edge):

  • Nylnook Ink Power Bear Paw (a brush with a tear-shaped tip feels like a brushpen):
  • Sketching-3 Leaky (a quill pen brush, it is better to use with a small line thickness to get a clear sketch, the line bends very nicely on turns and leaves small smudges):

These are the best lineart brushes in my opinion for Krita. To download additional brush packs for Krita, simply search for “Krita brush packs download reddit” and you’ll find many links to brush packs from various artists. Any brush in Krita can be modified to your taste or create new brushes from scratch. For today, I have enough ready-made brushes for my artistic tasks.

What are your favorite brushes in Krita?

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