Stylish hairstyle – portrait illustration

It turns out that copic markers can also be drawn using different techniques, and not just comic-illustrative ones. This time I decided to try making portraits using the pointillism technique (my favorite style in oil painting), and I got a very beautiful glow of the skin. I used about 6 skin tones (E41, E00, E50, E21, E000, E11) to create a bitmap effect. Like any work of pointillism, this work is worth considering from afar, and not with your nose to the screen. The picture is very small, only 10×10 cm, I specifically decided not to make a large format in order to test the capabilities of the brush markers. The result surprised me very much, the colors were well invested in each other, it turned out to convey both volumes and form. I also tested some of my new piggy colors, I was especially pleased with the fuchsia color from the separate neon FRV1 series, which appeared on the hair. The picture was made on marker paper Canson Marker paper 70g / m ^ 2 (this paper, by the way, made me very happy – thin, economically uses markers, does not leak, but is not suitable for strong shading and wet-to-wet mixing; if you want cool shading, take the X-press It Blending Card).

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