Soil science flag logo

Soil flag – logo idea for a site about soils and soil science. Layers of soil, parent rock and vegetation form stripes in the style of the flag, which smoothly transition into each other. Grass grows above, followed by a black humus layer of soil, turning into brown and lighter sand. The roots are clearly visible. The boundaries between the layers are clear. The grass layer is approximately equal to the layer of the humus layer. To develop this logo, an open photo of layered soil was found, color correction was carried out, and the size and shape of the borders were changed. A new layer of grass is drawn and details of the lower and middle layers are redrawn. The picture is made in the form of a flag:

The logo for the soil forum was also drawn:

After a little processing of the original image in the BeautyPlus application, we got the final version of the logo:

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