I draw graphics for the computer game Tangaria

Task: to draw fantasy objects for the computer game Tangaria.

Drawing style: pixel art (pixel art). Pixel graphics are a type of computer graphics where pixels (dots) are clearly visible. Typically, such graphics are used with a small image size, for example, this tileset runs at 32 by 32 pixels (square).

Since the image is very small, you need to create the illusion of shadows and shapes due to the small number of points, which is very interesting. Some of the images I created on the tablet in the Pixel Art program, which I did not like, because it is very inconvenient to choose colors for the palette in it. Most of the drawings I performed in Photoshop with the mouse, it turned out to be a little more convenient. When drawing, I initially drew the outline with black lines, set the shape, and then painted over the colors and shades from medium-dark in both directions. That is, for starters, I chose the color for the shadows, but not the darkest, but medium. Outlined the shadows. Then she went a little in light shades to give volume. Then it deepened the shadows with the darkest colors, but not in the same color, but as if pixel-by-pixel, so that there weren’t many pixels of the same color nearby. At the very end, I added bright pixels for highlighting and glare.

In pixel graphics, the most important thing is minimalism and clarity, if you add an extra pixel, it can fundamentally change the whole picture. It is necessary to follow the details and wipe the extra pixels all the time on the turns of the lines so that the pixels do not go in a thick layer, especially the border ones. Most of the time it takes to finish the picture for the final result, because at first it seems that everything looks good, but when you put off your art, you immediately see all the flaws. It’s like in pointillism, you draw with dots, nearby it seems that this is some kind of daub. And if you move a little further from the picture, then beauty, shape and volume immediately appear. The same principle works in pixel art, you need to constantly move away and zoom in the “canvas” to monitor the integrity of image perception.

Drawn: a unicorn, a tree with a pot, a bear’s skin, a jug, a torch on the wall, stones, a bush, a piece of cheese, a mountain, a puddle, a break in the wall, an obelisk, jugs, a shelf on legs, a hanging shelf, a fireplace, a birch, a bagel, mountains with snow, logs, bee, tomato, fallen tree, bowl with berries, stump, tree in a pot with apples, wooden cross, beehive, gravestone, sleeping bag, tablet, tree trunks without leaves.

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