Drew my dream

Painting and drawing is a visual form of keeping a diary, at least I take it that way. When something inspires or depresses me, I usually do sketches, sketches, drawings, or make a picture on canvas when I am visited by just such a large-scale desire for visualization and creativity. I had a dream, which is tied to events in Holland, and has a rather vivid visual form. I dreamed that I was flying in a dream. Maybe I’m still growing ?! 🙂 I fly home, roll up my pants, and on my feet hordes of ladybugs crawl over me and tickle my legs. When we lived in the Netherlands in a student dormitory, I slept on a mattress on the floor. One night I woke up feeling that something was creeping along my leg near the inguinal region. I myself was surprised how with lightning speed I grabbed the slider in the dark and threw it onto the floor. Then I got up, turned on the light and found that it was a ladybug. Apparently, she decided to warm herself and crawled to me under the covers. I led her out the window and went to bed. What was my surprise that after a few hours I again woke up from the same sensation, someone crawled over me again! My body, not having had time to wake up to the end, did the same operation – grabbed the intruder and threw it to the floor. It was already dawn, and I saw another ladybug. That night I could no longer fall asleep. And this time, when ladybugs filled all my legs, I also woke up in a cold sweat. The dream was quite pleasant, I flew, I felt freedom. But the end of the dream was creepy, although the ladybugs themselves are very cute and do not bite, but when there are a lot of them and they all crawl along your legs, it becomes quite creepy. When I painted a picture of my dream, I felt a curious connection between myself in some other world and myself here and now. As if I went to the mirror, and my reflection (as in Alice in Wonderland) shows me faces. And you are such “wait! I just wanted to comb my hair”, and it’s such a post-post “here you have spaghetti with ladybugs” …
For the drawing, I made a lineart isograph – rotring isograph 0.5 and immediately proceeded to coloring with copies. I decided to practice the picturesqueness in the illustration, I used the maximum number of different warm and cold shades in the most unexpected places, trying to convey my dream in all its glory. Everything went fine until I discovered that I had painted the ladybugs with a too dark shade of red (RV19) instead of the bright light red that I saw in a dream (R08). But it was already too late, since it was already impossible to make the dark color of the markers lighter. I really liked to mix pastel pencils and markers, so after the main color I add details and the softness of the transitions with Pitt Pastel Faber Castell colored pencils. So you yourself imagine that the cows are bright red 🙂

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