Drawing and Painting

How to create self portrait?

Self-portrait (your portrait) is a type of art aimed at the author’s image of the artist him/herself. It can be a picture or another type of creativity. Probably, every famous artist made self-portraits, because who else, if not him/herself, would be better than others to show their own personality. When…

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Soil science flag logo

Soil flag – logo idea for a site about soils and soil science. Layers of soil, parent rock and vegetation form stripes in the style of the flag, which smoothly transition into each other. Grass grows above, followed by a black humus layer of soil, turning into brown and lighter…

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References for drawings and paintings

And in ancient times, and today, artists use different “tricks” to draw a more realistic nature. Previously, artists used perspective grids (Dürer mesh), shadow on Earth and reflections, “sketching” which they received highly realistic and accurate images of the world. These methods were used by many recognized masters of painting…

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